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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists promote healing by reducing pain and inflammation, increasing range of motion and strength, and improving posture, body awareness, and body mechanics. 
The Oregon Medical Group Physical Therapy Department, a contracted service provided by Therapeutic Associates, is determined to provide treatment, encouragement and results for every patient. 

Manual therapy is the cornerstone of our care.  We believe that the human touch is an essential ingredient in our evaluations, care plans and treatment guidelines.  Our patients respond positively to the hands-on treatment and are encouraged to become strong, active participants in achieving their recovery goals. 

Our therapists stay on top of developments in the field and are highly trained with the goal of allowing their patients to regain physical functions and stay there.  From initial diagnosis through recovery, our therapists will begin to teach you how to take control of your body and its' healing power.  With lots of natural light, great therapists and an upbeat staff, the environment is designed to give you the tools and motivation to succeed.
Physical therapy requires a staff that is patient, encouraging and dedicated to improvement.

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Physical Therapy services are available at the following Oregon Medical Group clinics


Chase Gardens Medical Center North

Country Club Medical Center

Southtowne Medical Center

West Eugene Medical Clinic

Westmoreland Medical Clinic


Orthopedics and Sports Medicine