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The medical laboratory is the News Network for your body. This is where all the necessary information is discovered, revealed and analyzed.

At Oregon Medical Group, we employ our own laboratory as well as the strategic services of outside laboratories. Either way, the outcome is the same: quick, accurate results.

Our testing capabilities are vast and our analytical skills are proven accurate. If you have questions about testing, contact your physician.

Clinic Locations

Lab services are available at the following Oregon Medical Group location(s):

Maps & Directions

Country Club Road Medical Center 920 Country Club Road Eugene, Oregon 97401
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Chase Gardens Medical Center North 330 South Garden Way Eugene, Oregon 97401
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Westmoreland Medical Clinic 1650 Chambers Street Eugene, Oregon 97402
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West Eugene Medical Clinic 4135 Quest Drive Eugene, Oregon 97402
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Southtowne Medical Clinic 1835 Pearl Street Eugene, Oregon 97401
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Northside Medical Clinic 3915 River Road Eugene, Oregon 97404 Phone: (541) 688-9140 Fax: (541) 689-0049
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Crescent Medical Clinic 2830 Crescent Avenue Eugene, Oregon 97408 Phone: (541) 686-9000
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Garden Way Medical Clinic 330 South Garden Way North Building - Suite 350 Eugene, Oregon 97401
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Patient Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does fasting mean?
Fasting means nothing to eat or drink except water for 8-12 hours. This includes lozenges, hard candy, gum and all other beverages.
Do I have to fast for my tests?
Only if your provider instructs you to fast. Some tests require you to fast to ensure the most accurate results.
Where can I get my lab specimens collected or dropped off?
If you have an Oregon Medical Group PCP or Oregon Medical Group provider lab order you can have lab services done at any of the Oregon Medical Group Clinics with lab services. (See Oregon Medical Group locations).
Do I need to make a lab appointment?
We accept walk-ins at all Oregon Medical Group clinics for most lab services. However, some clinics prefer you to schedule an appointment in advance. The few tests that do require an appointment are 2 and 3 hour Glucose Tolerance tests.
How long will it take to get my lab results?
This will depend on the test(s) ordered. Your provider will contact you with your lab results.
How do I get a copy of my results?
Please contact your provider to get copies of your lab results. You may also request copies of your lab results by completing the "patient requesting results from lab form." Bring the completed form to the lab with identification. Oregon law requires the lab to wait 7 days from the time we receive your request before sending a written copy.
Why did I receive invoices from more than one lab?
You may receive a bill from Oregon Medical Group, Legacy Laboratories and/or Peace Health Laboratories depending on test availability and your insurance contract. The testing can be referred to any one of these labs.
What if my insurance requires the labs to be sent to an "out of network" lab such as Lab One or Quest?
We do not ship specimens to Lab One or Quest. You can choose to have your labs collected and performed at Oregon Medical Group lab or one of our reference labs by signing a waiver.